So How Do I Get Started?

Please call or email one of our dedicated Buying Team members:

Once you make first contact to an individual buyer you may make arrangements to text/email/call with that individual to arrange the sale of your vehicle.

Phone: 603-319-0428
Fax: 603-433-6857
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Why Sell to Key Auto Group?

-Get the most money, the quickest way possible
-Simple information gathering process - no lengthy online questionnaires
-Deal directly with a real human who lives locally and will meet you at your convenience

A brand you know and trust - Key Auto Group

Our knowledgeable Key Auto Buyers will offer you a fair price based on both:
-An evaluation of your vehicle using current market values
-Your shared knowledge of the history and current condition of your vehicle

We do not ask you to trade your vehicle

-Straight-forward, transparent transactions - open communication through the whole process

We can come to you ANYWHERE in New England

-Paid today - if you accept our offer, we cut you a company or bank certified check
-We handle the paperwork - even if you're still financing the vehicle

What you need to do to sell your car to Key Auto Buyers

You provide a Key Auto Buyer with basic vehicle information including the history and current condition of your vehicle (we will walk you through this)

The Key Auto Buyer then evaluates your vehicle comparing it to the current used vehicle market

The Key Auto Buyer makes a tentative offer, contingent upon our in-person evaluation and test drive.

You gather all the necessary documents, keys and remotes outlined in the "Seller Provides" list below

A Key Auto Buyer meets you at your desired location at your desired time to confirm the vehicle condition and answers any additional questions you have
The Key Auto Buyer test drives and visually inspects the vehicle
Upon passing the buyers inspection, the tentative offer is confirmed
You accept (or decline) and the Key Auto Buyer draws up the paperwork
A Key Auto Buyer cuts you a check on the spot and takes the vehicle away

"Seller Provides" Checklist
I own my vehicle and I have the clean title in hand:
Vehicle registration
Valid Photo ID of all registered owners
Signatures of all registered owners on all necessary documents (buyer will walk you through this, please do not pre-sign any documents)
All original keys and remote controls, owner's manuaI

I have a lien on my car:
Vehicle registration
Valid photo ID of all registered owners
All original keys and remote controls, owner's manual

Loan payoff information:
Be prepared to sign over the right for our Key Auto Buyer to payoff your loan and to receive the title from your lien-holder
If you owe less on your vehicle than the offer made by the Key Auto Buyer, a check for the difference will be mailed to you upon receipt of the title from your lien-holder (no exceptions, money owed to you cannot be released until the title is physically received by the buyer)
If you owe more on your vehicle than the offer made by the Key Auto Buyer, a check or money order, or a credit card payment for the difference must be made onsite with the Key Auto Buyer. Please note, we cannot accept cash at offsite locations. Only transactions performed at a Key Auto location can accept cash payments.

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*Current market is effected by many factors including current prices, finance programs, trends, recalls, weather, wholesale dealer auctions and a variety of other factors.

**At this time we do not buy salvage or branded titles.