Chevrolet College Graduate Discount

Chevrolet College Discount

Here for whatever dream you’re working on. As a college student, grad student or recent graduate juggling work, school, and life, you’re eligible for the Chevrolet College Discount — helping you save hundreds, even thousands, on eligible, new Chevrolet vehicles. Combine your discount with most current offers for an even better offer.

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Who is eligible for the Chevrolet College Discount?

Must be a current college or graduate student or have graduated from a two or four year college within the past two years.

Which vehicles are eligible for the Chevrolet College Discount?

Many new 2019, 2018 and unused 2017 cars; SUVs; crossovers; midsize, light-duty, HD pickup trucks, passenger and cargo vans are eligible. See a list of eligible vehicles. Vehicle eligibility may change over time, so check before you buy.

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