Think A Bad Credit Car Loan is Impossible? Think Again!

Portsmouth Chevy has approved thousands of people who couldn't get a car loan anywhere else due to bad credit. We know that bad credit happens to good people for a variety of reasons, and we'll help you get a car loan even with bad credit. We provide car loans for people in almost any credit situation. Think you can't qualify for a car loan because of your bad credit? At Portsmouth Chevy, we can help.

If you ...

  • Are unemployed, self-employed or have a non-provable income
  • Have declared bankruptcy
  • Have undergone prior repossession, even multiple repossessions
  • Are a first time buyer
  • Have no credit
  • Have huge negative equity positions

bad credit car loan

You can still be pre-approved in only seconds online! Start your credit application today with the form on this page! We have helped people in all of these situations and many others. Car loans for people with bad credit aren't impossible, we make it possible for you to get a car and set you up with payments you can manage. We make the application process quick and easy, and we'll have you approved for a loan and behind the wheel in no time.

If you don't have bad credit, but simply have not built any credit and have no repayment history, we can help you, too, whether your credit is good, fair, bad or non-existent, we'll work hard to get you a car loan. 

In fact, when you get a bad credit car loan with us, Portsmouth Chevy will report your payments to major credit bureaus. You will be making manageable payments, building your credit and best of all driving a new vehicle! Whether you are just starting out and need to build up a credit history, or need to rebuild your bad credit following financial difficulties, a car loan through Portsmouth Chevy is a great place to start.

Our ability to help buyers with bad credit get a car loan is well-known throughout New England as a car dealer that does the most to help buyers with bad credit find out if you're approved now by starting your credit application today. When you apply for a car loan through Portsmouth Chevrolet, your bad credit won't keep you off the road!

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